About Abigail Kahraman

I am a self-taught artist based in Cambridge, England specialising in pet and wildlife portraits.

I come from a very creative family and draw around the needs of my own young family.

My art is not just about details in terms of technique or materials. It is about capturing the spirit and uniqueness of each animal.

I perfected my artwork through hours of practice and obsession, study and many, many mistakes!

As a young artist I had the privilege of exhibiting in The Mall Gallery London in 2007. 

As I have matured as an artist I have found my love lies within the realms of wildlife drawing and painting, and from time to time I like to free up my creative expression with abstract paintings.

My favourite mediums are charcoal, ink and soft pastels. I love the flexibility and freedom they give me and how quickly I can work with them.

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  • Member of the Association of Animals Artists since May 2023.

  • Member of the British Art Club since September 2023.